Garthd V - Who Am I (Arena PvP) by Garthd
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Blackrock ( Glutsturm )
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This is my fifth movie showing my 3on3 team in action since i don't have an active 2on2 team, which is probably just as boring to watch as 5on5. since more and more people are anoyed by metal music in pvp movies, i have now decided to go for drum'n'bass. basically, this video shows some games against a few top teams, but also less strong ones, to provide for more variety and a greater number of combinations in the teams. don't be fooled- we don't rule the 3on3 ladder, and we do even lose against a few teams shown in the video, I am happy about any of your comments, and in case someone wants to talk to me directly, please folks do write me a PM - don't contact me ingame. Once I'm playing (especially in the arena) I don't wish to become disturbed. I'm sure you'll understand.

Thank you.

Team: A Mace To Your Face





Special thanks to Caruu for the great job on voice acting.


Pendulum - Hold your Colour
Diode - No Mans Land
Calyx and Teebee - The Shape of Things To Come
Black Sun Empire - Dark Girl
Pendulum - Sounds of Life
Outro - Silent Hill Soundtrack: Tears Of


Expect to see:
- Long Intro with a little bit of storyline based on garthIV and Matrix (the movie)
- Arena PvP with...
- ...warrior PoV
- ...priest PoV
- drum'n'bass music
- little bit editing
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