Lumbermill: Sinister Sirloin by Florra the Explora
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : US - Bloodscalp ( Cyclone )
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Its been quite an adventure and a lot of fun gearing and playing Lumbermill and making this video!

NOTE: I will be getting some mirrors up soon. Hang on!

First and foremost, there are a few things to realize before watching this video:
1) I out-gear everyone. Some more than others.
2) I have a lot of healbots in group situations.
3) This video was made for my friends, fans, and myself as something to look back on years down the road. It was not made to impress snarky trolls who hate twinks and feel the need to voice this opinion and downrate because of this.
4) There are some RP segments. Some of you will hate them, some of you will love them. Just bare with me, LM is just too much of a visual badass to not have some stoic screentime to admire his glory. :>

Q: Liek amg ware did u get those weps???
A: Kel'Thuzad from level 60 Naxxramas. No you cannot obtain them anymore. Yes there was a 60 Naxx.

Q: Did you play that character PreBC?
A: No, Lumbermill was born and leveled in December 2007 with the intention to be an amazing 60 twink with full AQ40 gear and a Hand of Rag. I guess I exceeded my expectations.

Q: Are you really the only person in the world with 2 Might of Menethil's?
A: No. At the time of releasing this video I knew of no others so I claimed to be. Once this video was released I discovered 2 others, though whether they are still around or are still 60 at this point I cannot say.

Q: Why are you using T3 instead of DPS gear? YOU ARE SO DUMB! Blah blah blah rabble rabble.
A: I'm not. And anyone with eyeballs would see that. I go over my actual gear during the second song. I also show a closeup of my PVP gear during the duels intro. This gear is on during the rest of the video other than when I'm prot. I used Full T3 for my RP segments because it looks better. I used only the T3 shoulders in PVP as they are iconic and noticeable for healers and basically equal. Any clips showing T3 helm were filmed before I had completed my PVP gear.

I wanted to move away from a straight up gigantic crit reel as I realize watching someone 1 shot people 5,000 times gets boring somewhere in the 900's, however, I also realize a lot of people want to see what my warrior can do and watch him wreck people, which I'll admit is pretty fun too. I think there's a happy medium of random battlegrounders being defiled and actual footage vs. geared 60 Twinks to please everyones tastes.

As far as my gear goes, if it's not purple I don't wear it. I do not use Burning Crusade socket gear nor WOTLK Engineering crap. With that being said:

This video features:
-Epic Corny RP Badassery
-Piles of dead Alliance in AV
-2v2 Arena Footage vs 60 Twinks
-Duels with T2-T3 Twinks
-Random Battleground Rape
-Ancient Naxx Footage
-Epic Soundtrack
-One of the only Dual Might of Menethil characters in the world!

Although my plans and dreams for Lumbermill were grandiose to say the least from the very start, I could never have foreseen the success or the status symbol he would become. I would like to take this time to thank everyone who played a part in making Lumbermill what he is today. My friends, guildies past and present, and countless people who lent their part in our weekly Naxx's to gear this monster: It has been a joy and an honor to play with all of you and I thank you all for sharing this experience with me.

With that said, I fear this chapter at last comes to a close and my days as a 60 twink will cease forevermore. I will not ever be leveling Lumbermill nor will I be selling him for any sum of money in WoW or otherwise (so stop). I think after 2 years of carnage he has at last earned his rightful place of rest and with that will now fly up to Valhalla to feast for eternity with his Tauren brothers and relive tales of the glories.

Sincerest thanks for all the support and fun times everyone, I put a lot of work into this video and I hope you all enjoy it!


-Lumbermill, Bloodscalp (US)
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